Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your performance or develop a healthy lifestyle then Great Ones Fitness is the place for you. We are a family friendly facility that will help you meet your Fitness Goals. Take a look at what we offer and see what is best for you.


Functional Fitness Classes, These Classes are are designed to help you get stronger and improve your overall Fitness. Classes will consist of Olympic Lifting, Gymnastic or Body weight Movements, Endurance training and Core Strengthening.

F.I.T High Intensity , Circuit Style workout, focusing on lighter weights and more exercises. Not only will you burn up to 900 calories* in an hour—that’s right! Up to 900 calories in just one hour!—but you will have fun getting your butt kicked into shape with this unique brand of fitness! Work your entire body by running, weightlifting, core strengthening, plyometrics, and any other torture we think up!  (*results may vary based on effort)

Calisthenics Workouts Is Rapidly Growing in popularity. This workout is designed to improve Strength and Physique. Its Rhythmic Body Weight Movements will improve your Overall Fitness and increase your Upper body strength. Our Calisthenics Coach is the only certified  Calisthenics coach in the area.

Bootcamp Classes Are group Physical Training Program designed to build Strength and Fitness through a variety of intense group intervals.

 We help clients in Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Parkland & Boca Raton meet their Fitness Goals. Give us a try, we will make you feel like family from the moment you walk into our gym. You will be supported by our staff & members to help you reach you goals. Our Fitness Program is a core strength & conditioning program with workouts that are scaled to every fitness level, whether you just graduated from high school or celebrating your retirement our workouts have scalability options that makes it possible for everyone.

There’s a Great One in all of us. We’ll help you find the Great One inside of YOU!

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